02:30 PM - 03:30 PM - Using an Evaluator for Proof of Progress – Jeanne Faulconer and Sarah Blunkosky

Tired of testing? Looking for a holistic approach to meet Virginia’s annual evidence-of- progress requirement? Want an authentic yearly synopsis of your child’s education? Have a child who learns differently or who learns beyond a curriculum? Have a child who has special needs? Consider working with a homeschool evaluator. In this session, learn how evaluation satisfies your legal obligation under Virginia’s home instruction statute, and consider the pros and cons of using an evaluator. Jeanne and Sarah discuss factors to consider when choosing an evaluator, what the evaluation process might be like for you and your children, and how to prepare for an evaluation. Sarah will describe how evaluation can be the answer to annual assessment for your child who has special needs. They will also address the limits of homeschool evaluation and clarify the difference between services provided by educational psychologists and homeschool evaluators. You’ll come away understanding how an evaluation can effectively provide evidence of progress or satisfy your own need for assessing your child’s learning.