Angela Tuell

Angela Tuell


Angela Tuell left the public schools, after seven years of teaching with a concentration in the area of teaching reading, to stay home with her young children and tutor reading part time. While tutoring, she met many amazing homeschoolers who impressed her so much, she completely changed her plans and decided to homeschool her own children as well! Five years into homeschooling, she remains passionate about reading and has merged some of the learning from her classroom years with the experience and change in perspective of a homeschooler. She holds a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from Minnesota State University-Moorhead and lives in Caroline County with her husband and two daughters.


Changing It Up: When Things That Should Work, Don’t 
Friday, Session 1, 1–2 p.m.

What happens when even the best book, curriculum, or well-thought-out plan doesn’t go well for your child? How do you regroup without giving up or losing your cool? How do you modify things to fit a child who might learn differently? In this session, Angela will give personal examples of times things did not go according to plan and the ways she and her children changed things to find success. She will discuss different ways to modify learning content, and how to set and reach goals.