Dr. Tod R. Davis

Dr. Tod R. Davis


Dr. Davis earned his Doctor of Optometry at Southern California College of Optometry and a post-doctoral fellowship with the Gesell Institute of Child Development, Yale University. He has lectured on visual processing disorders with a number of organizations, including the Society of European Optometry in Brussels, Belgium; the master’s program, Special Education at the National University in Irvine, California; and the master’s program, Department of Physical Therapy at the Loma Linda University in California. He regularly provides in-services to parent groups, educators, and other professionals. His dynamic personality commands the attention from his patients, both young and old!


What Does Vision Have to Do with ADHD and LD Anyway?
Saturday, Session 1, 9–10 a.m.

Vision is our most important sense. It directly impacts problem solving, movement, emotional well-being, personal relationships, and other aspects of daily living. In spite of neuroscientific advances in our understanding of vision, especially how vision problems can be identified and treated, it continues to be poorly understood by educators, clinicians, and the general public. In fact, most schools and clinicians continue to assess vision with only the 20/20 chart. Come learn, in a lively and fun format, how vision impacts attention and learning and how vision problems can be addressed.