Elizabeth Bolin

Elizabeth Bolin


Elizabeth is the mother of three children whose school experiences include many years of homeschooling, plus some public and private school. Her most recent foray back into homeschooling is a result of finding the best educational fit for her dyslexic-learner middle child. Elizabeth and her family live in Midlothian and love to learn and play in the Greater Richmond Region.


How Dyslexia Helped a Burned-Out Homeschool Mom Love Homeschooling Again
Saturday, Session 4, 2:45–3:45 p.m.

Using my family’s personal story as a foundation for discussion, we will explore recognizing the signs of dyslexia, dealing with struggles in school, testing, and deciding on next steps. We will address remediation by using a multi-sensory language learning program (or tutor) and using accommodations in math, history, science, and art in your own homeschool. Finally, we will look ahead: teaching dyslexic students self-advocacy for life skills that will take them through the schooling years and beyond.