Jen Downey

Jen Downey


Jen’s non-fiction pieces have appeared in New York Magazine, the Washington Post, Women’s Day, and other publications. The first two books within her Ninja Librarians series (The Accidental Keyhand and Swords in the Stacks) are very popular and available on bookshelves near you! Jen lives in Charlottesville with her husband and three children.


The Honorable Intellectual Gatekeeper: Navigating Challenging Ideas and Perspectives with Our Children
Friday, Session 2, 2:30–3:30pm

The libraries of the world, and the digitized labyrinth of the Internet contain a rich variety of information about, and perspectives on, every topic under the sun. As homeschooling parents, we are powerful information and perspective gatekeepers—our choices have a profound effect on which viewpoints make it into family dinner table conversations and into our kids’ library book piles. Accepting that with great power comes great responsibility, how do we, as parents, act out this role of “Intellectual Gatekeeper” honorably? How might we steer a course towards knowledge development, as opposed to indoctrination? During this presentation, we will discuss principles that might help our children become their own best honorable intellectual gatekeepers.