Jennifer Georgia

Jennifer Georgia


Jennifer Georgia views homeschooling as her life’s mission, and she has been loving it for 24 years. She believes that raising righteous, intelligent, freedom-loving children—and helping others do the same—is a powerful way of contributing to our society. She also enjoys woodworking, music, gardening, and reading. The Georgias have one married college graduate, one young adult working in the IT field, two college students, one kindergartner, plus a bunch of fun foster kids. They live in Northern Virginia.


Scaffolding Math
Friday, Session 2, 2:30–3:30pm

Many parents think they could homeschool if only they knew how to teach math. They didn’t really “get” math when they were in school, so how can they help their kids? In this presentation you will learn how to help your child build a solid math foundation through the proven technique of scaffolding. You’ll hear about what you need to know, what you don’t need to know, and what to do when your child gets stuck. Come learn about some of the best resources out there for introducing your child to the wild and beautiful world of math.