Karen Shumway

Karen Shumway


Karen  has a master’s degree in biochemistry but minored in Latin during college just to escape the science building every so often. After graduate school, she began teaching biology, chemistry, and a class entitled “Scientific Research and Design” for a science magnet high school in Texas. Her oldest attended K4 for one semester before she decided to just homeschool him herself. Seven years later, she finds herself homeschooling all three of her children, aged 12, 9, and 4 years old.


Desperately Seeking Science Curriculum
Saturday, Session 3, 1:15–2:15 p.m.

A session for anyone interested in choosing their own homeschool science adventure, rather than purchasing a ready-made curriculum. Karen will share that it does not take a specialized degree to create curriculum. You don’t have to worry about national standards, or grade-level Standards of Learning (SOL) requirements. You don’t have to teach a certain sequence of courses, or even stick to standard courses like biology, chemistry, earth science and astronomy, and physics. You can do robotics, or computer science, or a history of science, or engineering. Creating science content, however, requires some focus, creativity, flexibility, and planning. This session will help you pick a scope and sequence that inspires you and your children.
Creating Calm in Your Homeschool
Saturday, Session 5, 4:45–5:45 p.m.
How do we, as lay people and parents, train our children to intentionally reflect upon their minds and bodies before acting? I will share techniques from the Dalai Lama and yoga, as well as personal experiences with my very active children, to show that mindfulness, grounding, and decreased anxiety can be achieved by anyone. Come learn what you can do to help your children pursue calm, rational behaviors.