Wendy Richardson

Wendy Richardson


Wendy has a Bachelor of Arts in social work from the University of New Hampshire and a Master of Education from Lesley College. She taught kindergarten through second grade before turning her full attention to her family. Her two teenaged daughters are her pride and joy; they keep her exploring and learning at their home on the Connecticut River. Wendy loves many outdoor activities: running, hiking, swimming, and all varieties of skiing. At Oak Meadow, where she is the Associate Director of Admission, she uses both of her degrees to help families explore and discover the best and most successful way to educate their children.


Making Sense of Math: A Waldorf-Inspired Approach to Teaching Math in the Early Grades
Saturday, Session 5, 4:45–5:45 p.m.

Math is full of beauty and wonder! Unfortunately many students never get to appreciate math in this way because they only experience math as numerical problems on a page. The goal of math, especially in the early grades, is to allow children to develop flexibility of thinking and the capacity to solve problems. So how can we help students gain a solid foundation of math skills while preserving wonder, enjoyment, and the desire to learn? In this workshop, we’ll look at ways to bring math to life by using imagination, creativity, and an approach that instills the flexibility required to think mathematically. Many of these ideas are inspired by Waldorf education, a methodology known for its creative approach to academics. You’ll walk away with new skills, many activities you can put to use right away, and a deeper understanding of how to nurture in your children a solid number sense that will enrich their learning, provide lasting benefits, and fully prepare them for more advanced math concepts.