Leslie Nathaniel

Leslie Nathaniel began homeschooling in 2002 in a vain attempt to keep up with the learning adventures of her two offspring. She’s taught co-op classes, learned to knit, presented homeschooling talks at conferences, driven more miles than she cares to track, spent six years as a board member for VaHomeschoolers, organized field trips, written articles for VaHomeschoolers Voice magazine, developed high school transcripts, answered the VaHomeschoolers Helpline, edited essays,proofread college applications, learned to use a variety of power tools, and been a La Leche League leader for 19+ years.Her always-homeschooled kids are 17 and 21 (the latter child now attends Virginia Tech). Leslie provides math tutoring, supports homeschool families, and develops workshops to share her homeschooling skills and stay out of trouble.

F3.6 Homeschooling High School: Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment offers the chance toearn both high school and college creditfor classes taken at your local community college. Earning some collegecredit in your high school years can helpjumpstart a college degree, validate your homeschool transcript, satisfy prerequisites,and reduce the overall cost of college. Come learn about the benefits offered by dual enrollment, how to […]