Nathan Richardson

Nathan Richardson

Accomplished Performance Poet and Published Author

Nathan Richardson is an accomplished performance poet and published author. Nathan teaches a variety of workshops for emerging writers and is the head coach of the Hampton Roads Youth Poets, a division of Teens With a Purpose, a youth empowerment organization. Demonstrating his ability to switch hats from poetry and storytelling to history and theater, Nathan is preparing for his fourth year of The Frederick Douglass Speaking Tour, in which he delivers a remarkable portrayal of the former slave, writer, orator, and abolitionist. A short list of Nathan’s other affiliations
include the Suffolk Arts League, the Poetry Society of Virginia, Young Audiences of Virginia, and the Association for the Study of African American Life & History (ASALH).

F2.7 Paint Me a Poem

Ekphrasis, from the Greek, is a vivid, often dramatic written piece inspiredby art. This workshop is designed for children and adults to create Ekphrastic poems and prose inspired by classical and contemporary works of art and photography. Through discussion and practical exercise, students will learn how to approach writing about art from various perspectives such […]