Another great team of Keyleaders is working hard to organize the VaHomeschoolers Conference and Resource Fair to be held on March 24-25, 2017. Each leader works independently on their key job, but by that March weekend, it all comes together to create an amazing conference that will meet the needs of homeschoolers in Virginia.

Would you like to be a part of this vital experience, but aren’t sure how to help? We need you in one of these key conference positions!

Conference Weekend Volunteers: Teens and Adults
Being an on-site volunteer is a great opportunity for you to get to know other homeschoolers and participate in the conference. Add access to the Volunteer Lounge, stocked with snacks and drinks, and you couldn’t have more fun volunteering. Teen and adult volunteers are needed on Friday and Saturday to help with conference setup and tear-down and at the registration desk. Additional help is needed manning the Used Resource Sale, assisting our wonderful vendors, escorting our speakers, and performing numerous other jobs.

It is important to VaHomeschoolers that you have time to enjoy the sessions and resources of the conference. Each day is divided into two-hour shifts, which makes it easy to work around your schedule. No volunteers will be scheduled for more than two shifts without previous permission from the volunteer coordinator.

Just for Teen Volunteers
Volunteering at the conference is especially rewarding for our teen attendees! Meet other homeschooled teens, have fun, earn service hours, and acquire letters of recommendation. Teen volunteers register for the conference for free, can attend a Friday night (3:30–5:30 p.m.) pizza party just for teen volunteers, and also get weekend access to the Volunteer Lounge.

Teen volunteers must be 13 or older. No volunteers, including teens, will be scheduled for more than two shifts without previous permission from the volunteer coordinator. So, while teens should come prepared to work, they should also be prepared for unscheduled time.

Proctors Needed
Every session is proctored by a VaHomeschoolers member. These important adult volunteers make an announcement at the beginning of the of the speaker session and they are available throughout the session in case the speaker or an attendee needs assistance. If you would like to proctor a session, please contact Volunteer@VaHomeschoolers.org. Adults only.

Don’t Miss Out—Volunteer!
If you are interested in volunteering let us know by marking the checkbox on the registration form. If you have already registered please let us know of your interest by emailing Volunteer@VaHomeschoolers.org for more information and an application; please put Conference in the subject line.