We need you in one of these key conference positions!

Raffle Basket Keyleader: 
This position requires an energetic volunteer willing to reach out to business owners and vendors to obtain the goodies for the raffle. Creation and wrapping of the baskets occurs on Friday morning of the conference and you will have volunteers to assist you, if you need them.

Snack Bar Keyleader: 
Who likes snacks? The VaHomeschoolers-run snack bar is provided for those need a quick pick-me-up during the conference. We have a list of snack favorites; you will need to procure the snacks and bring them to the conference.

Teen Party Keyleader:
Help organize our thank you party for our teen volunteers. Pizza, games, and fun! Other than the time the party is occurring, you should be able to attend all of the sessions.

Volunteer Coordinator Keyleader:
We have so many volunteers to help run this conference. We just need you to help organize the needs and email them!