Frequently asked questions are listed below. If you don’t see your question, please email us! For general conference questions, send us an email at If you have a registration-specific question, please direct that to

What is the address for the conference?
The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen is located at 2880 Mountain Road, Glen Allen, VA, 23060

Why are there so many different types of registrations?
We have had overwhelming feedback on this question and we are exploring ways to simplify this. However, our goal is to keep the conference as affordable as possible, while covering the many expenses involved. We ask that each family purchase at least one FULL registration to attend sessions or family programming activities. After that, you can purchase as many Full, Limited, or Youth registrations as you need.

  • Teen Volunteers attend for free!
  • There is a free conference session on Friday, which does not count towards the number of sessions allowed with the Limited registration.
  • For families who can only stop in for a little shopping, we offer a Shop-for-Free option.


Does everyone need to register?
Yes! Everyone who attends must register—even to Shop-for-Free and to attend the free session on Friday. We need to ensure everyone in the facility is supposed to be there.

If I have one Full registration, do my other family members have to attend all the same conference sessions?

  • One Full registration only covers one specific adult. All attending family members need their own registration for conference admission.
  • A Limited registration includes admission to one session each day, in addition to the free session on Friday.
  • A Full registration includes admission to all sessions, both days.


Are conference sessions and family programming activities designed for children to attend by themselves?
No, all children aged 12 and under MUST be accompanied at all times by a registered participant aged 13 or older. Family programming and conference sessions are not drop-off events.

How do you sign up for the family programming activities?
You may just show up to the events as they are scheduled. The participant must be a paid registrant and have the properly color-coded nametag.

Do I have to register my family if they only want to come to family programming, the talent show, or the frozen yogurt social? What if I bring a grandma, babysitter, or spouse?
Only paid registrants are allowed to attend family programming and social events. Each attendee must have a Full or Limited registration color-coded nametag.

Is there a way to attend just the frozen yogurt social and talent show?
Sorry, no. These are special events for paid registrants only.

Will there be babysitting services available?
Unfortunately, we do not have enough space or volunteers to offer babysitting.

How do I register my child for the talent show or project display?
Send an email to with your registered child’s name and what they would like to display or perform.

What if I can only come for one day or just a few hours?
By all means, come! We are not able, however, to pro-rate registrations.

Where do I sign up to volunteer? For my teen to volunteer?
We are glad you asked! Once registered, email with “Conference” in the subject line. Or use our online form.

Do I drop off my teen volunteer at the Volunteer Lounge in the morning and then pick them up at the end of the day?
We ask that parents keep tabs on their teens to be sure they are meeting their commitments and exhibiting good decision-making while not working. Teen volunteers are asked to work at least 4 hours and will be assigned shifts before they arrive. Teen volunteers are also encouraged to attend the special teen-only sessions that will energize, motivate, and promote camaraderie.

Can my younger children hang out in the lobby or other areas while I attend sessions?
All children aged 12 and under MUST be accompanied, at all times, by a registered participant aged 13 or older.

Are friends or relatives of volunteers allowed to go into the Volunteer Lounge?
The Volunteer Lounge is a private space reserved for volunteers. Our fabulous volunteers work hard and sacrifice attending sessions to make the conference a success. The Volunteer Lounge is our thanks to them.

Are friends or relatives of volunteers allowed to attend the Teen Volunteer party?
The party is an appreciation and social event solely for our fabulous teen volunteers! Our teen volunteers will need to work as a team all weekend, and many are meeting for the first time on Friday. The party is a way of showing our thanks for their commitment and functions as a team-building activity. We’d love to have your teen (13 years old and up) join us if they are ready. Email or Or use our online form sign up.

Will my teen volunteer get lunch provided on Friday?
There are no lunches provided on Friday. We have the pre-purchased catered lunch option available on Saturday; only snacks are available on Friday at the Snack Bar. Our Volunteer Lounge will also be open to all volunteers.

Is there a host hotel?
Yes, the Comfort Suites at Virginia Center Commons. More information can be found here.

When is the best time to shop?
Friday night! Crowds are low, vendors have plenty of time to chat, and the Used Resource Sale is fully stocked with bargains! Can’t make it Friday? No worries! There is plenty of time set aside for shopping on Saturday, too.

Can I bring my pet?
Service animals are permitted but the facility does not allow pets of any kind.

Can I register without using PayPal?
Yes, you can. Although we prefer PayPal, you can also mail your payment. Please email for the address to send your payment.

What if I’m not yet a member of VaHomeschoolers?
Come to the conference and find out what we’re all about! Better yet—purchase a membership right on the conference registration form and enjoy discounted member registration prices.

Who can become a member of VaHomeschoolers?

Can I make changes to my registration on the website such as adding or subtracting a family member or buying a lunch?
Not yet. Our website does not have the ability to make changes after you have completed the process. However, you can email us at with your request, and we will help you.

What are my lunch options if I didn’t buy mine before the deadline passed?
You are welcome to bring your own lunch or buy snacks at our Snack Bar. Unfortunately, The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen does not have a cafeteria. There are several restaurants nearby; a list of some local favorites can be found here.

I noticed that lunch can only be purchased on Saturday. What are the options for Friday?
Because we start at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, we do not offer a catered lunch option. You are welcome bring a lunch or buy snacks at our Snack Bar. Unfortunately, the facility does not have a cafeteria, but there are several restaurants nearby. A list of some local favorites can be found here

What if I still have questions?
Feel free to email us! For general conference questions, send us an email to If you have a registration-specific question, please direct that to