S3.1 Excuse Me … Who Am I? [Teen Track]

Do you believe you are on this earth for a reason? If so … what is it? Are you who others say you are? Who are you anyway? If you’re ready for an unexpected journey of self-discovery, then this session is where you need to be. Through personal stories and individual/group exercises, you will learn how to remove all the labels applied to you, and you will be inspired to discover, accept, and love the real you. Attendees will need to bring two different color pens or pencils and an empty notebook, journal, or sketch pad that can be 100 percent dedicated to this class. You will truly experience the power of this course if you come with an open and mature attitude, a respect for others, a sincere desire to know who you are, and a willingness to participate and to be honest with yourself. This session can change your life … if you allow it!